Welcome to our frequently asked questions page

Below are answers to some of the pressing questions you might have regarding our portal. We hope these answers will address most of them for you to maximally enjoy the benefits embedded herein.

How can I create a jobseeker's account/profile on MPLOY?

To create a jobseeker's account/profile on MPLOY, simply take the following steps:

1. Visit www.mploy.com.ng 

2. Click on JOBSEEKER ZONE on the upper right hand corner of the homepage to go the the Jobseeker Zone page

3. On the Jobseeker Zone page, simply type in your valid email, followed by any password (you don't have to use the password to your original email) and click SUBMIT

4. Upon submission you will get a prompt to check your email for verification. Sign in to your email and click on the verify email link to complete your registration

How do I view and apply for jobs on MPLOY?

You can view jobs on MPLOY by clicking on the ALL JOBS tab on the upper right hand corner of the portal page, or clicking on any of the jobs in the scrolling box on the homepage. Then you just have to follow the application instructions of the job you have chosen in order to apply.

How many jobs can I apply for on MPLOY?

You can apply for as many jobs as possible, as long as you meet the requirements/specifications for those jobs.

How many jobseeker profiles/accounts can I create on MPLOY?

You can only create one profile/account using your valid email address.

What is the validity of my registration on MPLOY?

Your registration is valid for 1 year.

How will employers contact me if I am found suitable for a job on MPLOY?

If found suitable for any job, the employer/company will contact you directly using the contact information on your application or your MPLOY profile.

What is a video CV?

A video CV is a short video recording of yourself where you talk about your educational background, work experience, skills, certifications, interests and every other professional information that can spur the interest of potential employers in your profile.

How can I upload my video CV?

To upload your video CV:

1. You must have your recorded video saved on your computer or any other storage device

2. Sign in to your jobseeker account

3. Click on Create/Edit Profile

4. Go to the Video Upload option and upload your video CV from your computer or storage device

5. Click on SUBMIT to complete the process

What should be the length of my video CV?

Ideally, your video CV should contain pertinent information about you but should be as short as possible (please see our sample video on the homepage). We recommend a minimum of 60 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes.

What format of video CV can I upload on MPLOY?

You can upload your video format in .flv or .mp4 files.

What should be the content of my video CV?

Your video CV should be a recorded clip of yourself; talking about your skills, personality, areas of expertise and work experience. The content of the video should be valuable information good enough to "sell" you to prospective employer(s). 

The video must also be clear, audible and not contain any obscenity or profanity.

Can I record my video CV with a phone?

You can record your video CV with any recordable device including your phone. You must however ensure that the quality of the video is clear and the sound is audible.

Can my video CV be deleted by Admin?

Your video CV will be deleted by Admin if the content is found to be inappropriate. This includes obscene, profane and other inapt contents.

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